Do’s and Don’ts

Learning from Experience… there something we have missed?

Arrival at a strange airport for the first time can be daunting. As a result, we have encountered many unusual and frustrating situations that have proven stressful to both passengers and our staff.

In an effort to be helpful and to de-stress the situation, we have identified some do’s and don’ts for our clients whether they be seasoned or irregular travellers.

  • DO ensure that you have our company phone number, and make sure that we have your cell-phone (mobile) number.
  • DO advise us as soon as possible if your inbound flight is delayed, changed or cancelled.
  • DO switch on your mobile telephone as soon as you exit the aircraft.
  • DO check for a text message from our driver identifying him/herself and their current status.
  • DO call our company office or our driver if you are facing delays in disembarking the aircraft or if your luggage is lost or has been damaged.
  • DO notify our office or your driver if you are delayed in Immigration or Passport Control. This could be lengthy process and run up unnecessary costs.
  • DO NOT phone us immediately if you cannot see or contact your driver?
    • If your arrival was ahead of the published landing time the driver is unlikely to be there.
    • If you have not checked your cell phone (mobile) messages, please do so as our driver may be trying to contact you.
    • Please CHECK CAREFULLY at the barrier when you exit into the Arrivals Hall. Our drivers are instructed to wait close by and they will hold a board with your name and/or company logo.
  • DO contact our office if you have not made contact with the driver within 30 minutes of the scheduled landing time. Our company representative will establish exactly what has happened and return your call. Our office has a 24hr service.
  • DO NOT exit the Terminal Building.
  • DO make your way to the INFORMATION DESK OR MEETING POINT and wait there until contacted by our company representative.
  • DO NOT make any other travel arrangements until you have a response from our company representative.