Terms and Conditions



1.    Booking Procedure:

1.1.        Our office is manned Monday to Friday 08h30 to 17h30 UK Time and Bookings will be processed and responses issued if received by us during those times.

1.2.      Reservations may be made by Telephone, Fax, Email or via this Website.

1.3.       Email or the Website are the preferred methods, enabling retention of a hard-copy.

1.4.       We will always respond to you and confirm your reservation by Email (if you have it) on the same day we receive your booking whenever this occurs during office hours.

1.5.        Bookings placed by Emails and Phone messages which are left for us outside those Office hours will be handled on the next working day.

1.6.       We maintain an audit trail of Email confirmations and the confirmation Email, once accepted by the client, constitutes our final order, contract, and schedule.

1.7.         The onus rests with the Client to ensure that an Email response or confirmation of any request has been received prior to the intended date of any service. If not, you should immediately notify this office.

1.8.       Any Reservations or Notifications placed less than 24 hours before the required journey time may not be possible or may incur additional charges due to rescheduling.

2.    Booking Information – The following is mandatory:

2.1.      Company or Personal Name to be billed.

2.2.      Name of Booker (person placing this booking).

2.3.      Order Number or Other Authorisation Number (if a client specifies this as a requirement, we will not   accept the booking unless it is provided).

2.4.      Name of Main Passenger.

2.5.      Names or Number of other Passengers (if there is more than one person travelling we must know their names. If omitted we need to know the number of passengers and will assume the main passenger knows who they are).

2.6.      Main Passenger Contact Phone / Mobile No. (Essential that we have this for out of hour problems).

2.7.      Date of Pickup (Be careful to give correct date on West to East flights which may commence a day earlier).

2.8.      Time of Pickup.

2.9.      Pickup Location / Airport Terminal / Address. (For home addresses make sure it is current, has a post-code, and that it can be found on a map). Note: If multiple pickups are required, please specify preferred route order as this may affect the tariff charged.

2.10.   Flight No. (if airport pickup).

2.11.   Set-down Location / Airport Terminal / Address. (For home addresses make sure it is current, has a post-code, and that it can be found on a map). Note: If multiple set-downs are required, please specify preferred route order as this may affect the tariff charged.

2.12.   Card Payment? (enter ‘Y’ if payment by card in car—otherwise ignore).

2.13.   Other Information. (tell us about large amounts of baggage, or if you require an estate car, MPV or Minibus etc).

2.14.   Confirmation Email Address. (for us to respond).


Disclaimers – Airlines and Airport Authorities always publish “disclaimers” which absolve them of liability or responsibility for any disruption arising from inaccurate or incomplete information they may publish or display. This causes situations beyond the control of Where 2 (UK) Limited and occasions can arise where travel arrangements have to be changed and additional costs incurred.

Journey Timings – Where 2 (UK) Limited urges clients to allow adequate timing for ALL journeys. The route taken to the chosen destination will, in the opinion of our driver, be the most direct. However, in the event of an accident, breakdown, road closure, adverse weather, or illness, which cannot be predicted, our company or persons working on our behalf shall not be accountable or liable for any costs incurred should travellers miss an appointment or travel connection.

Drivers and Vehicles – Please note that it is not feasible to advise the name, contact cell phone or vehicle registration of your Driver more than 18 hours in advance of the journey. Logistics, Productivity, and Tariff Charging considerations preclude allocating a named Driver in advance.

3.    Payment Terms

3.1.       Corporate Clients can set up an Account with us – contact us for details

3.2.       Invoices are normally processed weekly.

3.3.       Payments can be made by Cheque, Card and BACS transfer.

3.4.       All Card Payments require a valid credit / debit card. Note that Visa / Mastercard incur a 3% handling charge and American Express Cards incur a 5% handling charge.

3.5.       Company Authorised Card Payments require that you advise us of the Cardholder detail, Card Number and the Expiry information before we accept reservations. We will hold this information in a secure facility until payment is received whereafter it is destroyed.

3.6.       Our normal payment terms are 30 days net from Date of Invoice, unless we have a Client Contract or Service Agreement stating the contrary.

3.7.       In terms of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts [Interest] Act 1998 as amended and supplemented by the Late Payments of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002, we reserve the statutory right to charge interest at the prevailing Bank of England Reference Rate on all outstanding invoices which are persistently overdue. To simplify matters, Interest may be applied to all invoices which are older than 6o days from Invoice Date. 

4.    Tariffs

4.1.       All “On-Account” and “Card Payment” charges are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate on Invoices.

4.2.       Airport Journeys are subject to standard point to point tariffs.

4.3.       Non-standard journeys or those requiring deviations will be quoted on request.

4.4.       Parking and Airport drop-off fees will be charged separately.

4.5.       Toll and London Congestion Charges will be charged separately.

4.6.       The company allows 45 minutes waiting time after scheduled flight arrival times. Time spent beyond this 45 minute allowance is charged at £16 per hour in 15 minute segments.

4.7.       Additional Charges due to accommodating last minute reservations, which involve rescheduling the work program of our drivers, will incur a 10% surcharge over normal tariff.

4.8.       Discounts of up to 20% are available on certain journeys which are advertised on the company website.

5.    Penalties

5.1.       Cancellations which are advised 4 hours or less from scheduled pick-up time, or which are advised when the driver is en-route will be charged at 50% of tariff.

5.2.       No-shows at Airports or remote pick-up sites will be charged at 100% of tariff.

5.3.       Our drivers are instructed to wait at the airport for up to 45 minutes after the scheduled arrival time in order to establish contact with their passengers. If a traveller has arrived within the scheduled time and not made contact with our driver, it is their responsibility to contact our office or emergency number. Failure to do so will cause the driver to leave the airport terminal and a “No-show” will be charged.

OPERATIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (A copy is available to download)

6.    Our Guarantee

We guarantee to carry out the booking instruction / order conveyed to us by the Client, on the following basis:

6.1.       That it is confirmed to us in hard-copy, by email or fax, irrespective of whether or not it was also provided telephonically.

6.2.       That it is received by us no less than 24 hours prior to the due date and time of the intended travel requirement. A booking received with a shorter lead-time cannot be guaranteed and may be have to be declined. In some cases travellers may,on the same day, wish to change their flights, and require us to change their scheduled pickup times. We will endeavour to meet such short term requests but may have to levy an extra charge if it requires us to engage an additional driver or reroute an existing vehicle.

6.3.       That the instructions received from the Client are correct and complete and that any stipulated Order Numbers or Payment Details accompany the booking. We will check the information we receive, at the time we receive it, and identify any queries to the responsible booker.

7.    Our Mandate

It is our responsibility to comply with the Client instructions, as stated in their booking / order and to undertake the assignment with specific reference to:

7.1.         The provision of appropriate transport facilities at a standard of presentation, regulatory compliance, and safety as befits the Client and Traveller’s expectations, and the tariff applicable

7.2.         Ensuring punctuality, reliability and an appropriate allowance for travel time, traffic and weather conditions, wherever this is not beyond our control.

7.3.         Compliance with the Client’s instructions for pick-up and set-down as defined in their original booking / order.

8.    Our Standards

8.1.       Where 2 Drivers and Vehicles will always be presented to a high standard of appearance and comfort, and will at all times operate in a courteous and considerate manner.

8.2.       Vehicle safety, Insurance, and Regulatory Compliance are paramount, and we will not cut corners to undercut competitor tariffs. Our documentation is always available for inspection.

8.3.        Our drivers’ hours are monitored to foster alertness and avoid tiredness.

8.4.       We pride ourselves on our Reliability and Punctuality, but will not be subjected to demands from clients which invoke traffic infractions or compromise safety.

9.    After Hours Emergency Service

9.1.      This facility is available to Travellers and Clients for after-hours emergencies only, and an emergency is any event which is likely to significantly disrupt the scheduled timing and routing of the planned journey as originally defined to us.

9.2.      Our Travellers are usually the first to know if they are likely to miss a connection, or if their flights have been cancelled, changed, delayed or rerouted, and we ask that they advise us as soon as possible if they are aware of such an event.

9.3.      We also request that the emergency phone is not used in situations where a flight has arrived early and the Traveller will have arrived before our Driver whose schedule is geared to an arrival time which takes into account up to half an hour from the scheduled flight time for disembarkation and baggage procedures.

9.4.      If our emergency service operative is also driving at the time you make contact, kindly be advised that we are unable to respond immediately, and until it is safe to do so, you should attempt to re-establish contact at 10 minute intervals. For reasons of safety and compliance with UK legislation, we have to discourage in-car telephone conversations.

10.    Client Responsibility

It is the sole responsibility of the Client and / or the Travellers who they represent, to ensure that the information with which we are provided is accurate, complete and timely. This is particularly important where travel takes place outside of core business hours. Clients must ensure that:

10.1.       Their booking staff and Travellers have our Emergency Phone contact number.

10.2.       They provide us with the lead traveller’s cell-phone (mobile) number

10.3.       They advise us as soon as possible of any changes to schedules particularly those arising from flight delays, cancellations, or missed connections.

10.4.       They provide us with clear instructions regarding what action they would like us to take in the event of changed schedules which may involve additional costs due to searching for passengers which incur waiting time, cancelling or rescheduling the journey.

11.   Disclaimer

Where 2 (UK) Limited does not accept any responsibility for the inability to carry out its instructions where the information transmitted was incorrect or missing as a result of:

11.1.     Incomplete Client / Traveller booking instructions or orders.

11.2.     Problems arising from Proprietary Software Malfunction, Interactive Client Software applied without our functional training, Telecommunications or Power Outages.

11.3.     Inaccurate or untimely Airline / Air Terminal Information Systems (for they which all make disclaimer notices).

11.4.     Failure of Clients / Travellers to alert us to impending schedule problems (the traveller is usually the first to know if this will arise).

11.5.     The traveller is responsible for their property at all times, and whilst our drivers will assist with baggage handling, the onus remains with the traveller.

11.6.     It is not within our standard cost structure or remit to act as a Travel Co-ordinator or Agent on behalf of our Client Staff and Travellers, nor to absorb any unchargeable abuse of the Emergency Phone Service, especially outside core business hours when Client Staff are unavailable. However, we will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the requested travel demands are fulfilled within a reasonable time and cost before abandoning any journey. Should cClients require us to act on their behalf where after hours emergencies occur, we should be pleased to negotiate such facilities with them if they so require.

12.  General Carriage

12.1.     The company undertakes to provide service as agreed, but cannot be held liable for circumstances beyond its control which may prevent it from doing so, such as client or traveller decisions, flight changes, road traffic congestion, security operations, hazardous weather conditions etc.

12.2.     Should you require us to act in a specific manner on your behalf where problems arise with out of hours pickups or flight schedules, we shall be pleased to determine agreed procedures and charges which are specifically tailored to your needs.

12.3.     Smoking is not permitted in the company’s vehicles at any time.

12.4.     The company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone whose behaviour it considers to be inappropriate and / or of a threatening nature and / or to persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Under such circumstances no monies will be refunded. Any fouling of the vehicle interior will be charged at a flat fee of £100.

The above does not affect your statutory rights.