Most of our clients are key players in the Corporate world, comprising local, national and international companies in the Public and Private Sectors.

Many have chosen to remain with us for over a decade, which speaks volumes about our ability to build and foster great business relationships and their trust and confidence in us to consistently deliver a reliable and cost effective service.

Business travel forms a substantial role in commercial operations and often requires iterative journeys to and from UK Airports and other travel gateways. Working with you, and building those personal long term relationships, we will tailor appropriate facilities and charges to meet your specific demands, ensuring that the travellers involved are transported efficiently and above all safely to their destination and on time. (Please view our Testimonials Page)

With advance notification, we will also schedule and arrange transport for individuals and groups travelling to and undertaking business meetings, conferences, and exhibitions anywhere in the U.K. Should the event take place over more than one day, we are also able, if required, to provide facilities to handle your travel at remote locations for the duration of the event you are attending.


We currently provide a personal service to a number of senior corporate and private individuals on a regular basis. This includes high-profile business professionals and celebrities who have a need for their own personalised chauffeur service. Talk to us about any specific requirements.

Plate exempt cars

Our cars are unliveried and plate exempt, which is a privilege only granted to certain car companies who are used for corporate work. This means that our clients can travel anonymously and discreetly.

Passengers with Disabilities

Our drivers are experienced at helping passengers with any physical disabilities. Upon request we can provide wheelchair accessible vehicles or accommodate other mobility aids in our vehicles. When you contact us for a quote, simply let us know if you have any specific needs, and we will do our best to help.

Personnel/Group Transportation

Subject to advanced notification, we can also offer transportation facilities for the regular transfer of nominated employee groups between their homes and workplaces, or between multiple work locations where this requirement exists. Effectively, these facilities are predominantly but not exclusively required within Public Sector organisations, and we offer such services to the following fields:

  • Medical Establishments
  • Educational Establishments
  • Devolved Governmental Organisations
  • Local Authorities

These services are offered on a periodic contractual basis with specified terms and conditions applying to timings, passenger volumes, and routings.

Generally the service (subject to any deviations or alterations) is carried out at a fixed tariff which has been agreed for the period of the contract.

CONTACT US ON – 0115 940 4100

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